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Oropharyngeal Cancer
Hi, I'm Patti54
Greetings everyone! This is the 2nd time I’ve had cancer. 38 yrs ago after having my first and only child, I had been a “Down Winder” from Hanford Nuclear Plant in the state of WA. I had thyroid cancer. Took an oral “pill” of radiation. Couldn’t be around an infant within 6 ft. Went through post-parted depression and my parents took care of my son for over a yr. I was cured of cancer (I thought…   Read more…

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This is a testimonial that appeared on Amazon from an American lady who read my book and is just what I had hoped to hear. It was amazing to receive this and made writing the book worthwhile!

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Kimchi's Anti-Cancer Properties

Kimchi (pronounced “kimchee”) and sauerkraut are made of fermented cabbage. Fermenting cabbage increases its antioxidant content.

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